About us

We are the platform for sustainable, fair and ecological consumption and lifestyle. yes organic want to further promote ecological action in society and social responsibility.

Welcome to a new platform, a new environment where sustainable businesses help solve the biggest problems of our time, not exacerbate them. yes organic accompanies you on your journey to live more sustainably and simplify your search for good products and services.

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Search For Good Stuff

Find sustainable places and provider

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Search for good stuff

Find sustainable places and provider

Initiative is needed!

We provide the platform.

We as consumers can always give a push by asking for organic, sustainable and fair.

To promote sustainable consumption, we have created a platform that makes it easy to find sustainable suppliers, products or services. We want to simplify the search especially for people who are interested in a sustainable lifestyle and want to consume more sustainably. Our goal is to set the course for the future – all people should be able to live a sustainable life. We call on all consumers with a strong purchasing power to give the first impulse, so that companies and politicians can also take responsibility in the next step. More demand means faster solutions.

We can only do it together. People are needed who are committed to an appreciation of food, livelihoods and for future generations!


Yes organic was founded with the aim of simplifying sustainable consumption. What drives us is the vision of a world in which ecological balance, fair conditions and economic success are not opposites. A world in which our daily decisions & those of companies do not destroy the planet, but make it worth living. Every day we try to find and show new providers of sustainable products and services. We certainly haven’t found them all yet, but we are working on it.


Hi, I’m Lydia the founder of yes organic.

It is close to my heart that our consumption changes. Politics is just as important here as we are! We as consumers have the power to change something – for all people and for our future.

Before yes organic, I studied health economics and expanded my knowledge in various digital companies and industries. My enthusiasm for ecological action started in childhood with my grandparents’ hobby farm and my insistence grow through my child and its future!

Lydia - Founder of yes organic

Looking for sustainable food online?

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