Sustainable online shops & brands!

Looking for organic products, fair fashion or natural cosmetics online? You'll find what you're looking for here.

yes organic lists sustainable online shops so that they are perceived as an alternative to conventional and constantly present online shops. Our search and filter functions give you the opportunity to discover shops that are not listed at the top of the usual search engines. We only show suppliers with a sustainable product range. This can be fairly produced fashion articles, cosmetics made from natural ingredients or food with an organic seal. Many of our online shops offer a wide range of products. However, we have also identified smaller specialised suppliers.

Our main criteria for the shops are above all a sustainable assortment and concept. With sustainable products, some of which carry organic or fair trade seals. Our listed online shops mainly stock products made from natural or recycled materials and manufactured with low resource consumption. In addition, the products are ideally particularly durable. At best, the company itself operates sustainably in all areas and thus makes a valuable contribution to environmental and climate protection.

Living and consuming sustainably is not always easy and in principle we should consume more consciously and less. Do you know your carbon footprint? You can determine it very well online via the WWF climate calculator, for example, and maybe you will question your decisions in the future.
Basically, we don’t question much and trust brands and let advertising wash over us. When it comes to food, we should ask ourselves more often – is what’s in it healthy? With clothes or cosmetics – is it good for our skin and the environment?
Living sustainably these days means having few restrictions, but it is not accessible to everyone – you have to be able to afford sustainable consumption in many areas. However, everyone can make their lifestyles more sustainable and our goal is to get strong consumers to drive change and demand greener solutions.

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